In 1975 two surfers came to Bali to make a film about the local kids who were picking up on something new they started seeing on their beaches. This thing was surfing and that film, called Bali Surfer has since become a classic 25 years later these kids have all grown up and become genuinely concerned about what has happened to their home, the beach.

So Wave of Change began to initiate a series of programs to help clean up the beaches and costal environments that had suffered the effects of development so much over the intervening years. One of these projects was a film which was produced with assistance from ABC television in Australia and the Australian Film Finance Comission.

This film which was first screened around the world in the last few months of 2002 has become a reference for ongoing works of this nature.

It shows how a group of dedicated Wave of Change surfers got together and decided to do something to initiate change on the beaches that they loved so much. The film became a major rallying point, giving those involved in the project a powerful tool to gain community support for the ideas and plans they were implementing. With the local community behind them they began to see real changes occuring, in real time. Kuta beach in Bali is now about to be transformed and the change of awareness in the community will ensure that the changes are here to stay.

Television is perhaps the most powerfull communication tool available to us. Its ability to create awareness, Its and its powers of persuaion are unmatched. Wave of Change views television as one of its key tools for initiating change. Community awareness and desire can produce amazing results.

You can make a difference.