You can make a difference
The Surfing community understands more than anyone how the oceans and reefs are suffering more each year. Our seas are dying.

Since the beginning of major surf tourism only 25 years ago, the environment of the world’s beaches and reefs have changed drastically. Plastics in the water, sewage or chemical run off into the waterways and reef bombing are now three main issues that need major attention.

Together we can beat the systems that pollute our world
We do this by :
1. Identifying the main causes of environmental degredation in a local area and fighting to change them.
2. Educating those that are unaware of the problems.
3. Working to rehabilitate the ecosystems that have suffered so much.

Wave of Change brings old and young surfers together to create positive solutions. We work at a community level to find better ways to create great lifestyles without causing major damage to our eco systems. Wave of Change brings together the celebrity of well known surfers, and the power of leading surf industry busineses, to work for a cleaner ocean and unpolluted waterways.

By the people - for the people. Wave of Change will show you that the way to beat many of our pollution problems is within our hands. A cleaner ocean isn’t just the result of somethng you wish for, Its a result of the way you think, the way you act and the way you live.

Its about beating the system - and if we band together, we can beat the systems that pollute our world.